Located in the Alberni Valley

A Gutter system will protect your home or business from the wet coast weather here in the Alberni Valley.

We install a wide range of gutters and gutter system products to meet the unique needs of your building.

See below for the details. 

Why do I need gutters? 

When it rains, every 100 square feet of your roof accumulates and drains approximately 60 gallons of water per inch of precipitation! A home with a 1000 square foot footprint will direct 600 gallons of water for every inch that falls on them. Here in Port Alberni we receive on average 78.6 inches of rain per year with the wettest month, November, receiving and average of 12.1 inches of

rain. (According to climate-data.org) That means a 1000 square foot home has to channel and remove 47,160 gallons of water throughout the year (7260 gallons in the month of November alone.) Quite a feat!

How important is it to maintain them?

Any water that overflows or leaks can damage facia’s, truss ends, soffit, sidewalks, foundations, landscaping and more. If those gutters are plugged up, improperly installed, or bent and broken, they will not perform to their best potential and could cause potential harm to your home or business. Never mind the icy patches that can develop below those pesky leaky corners. Gutter maintenance is a must to avoid damage and keep your structure in good repair.  

How we can help: 

If you’d like an evaluation of how your gutters are fairing, please call us 250-723-7715 or email info@wetcoastgutters.com for a free consultation and honest review in the Alberni Valley.  

What we offer:

We offer 5 inch and commercial 6 inch K-Style continuous gutters and downpipes in a wide variety of colors. (see picture below) We also install T-Rex continous hanger gutter systems and Alu-Rex gutter clean leaf guard systems

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